eBay Now Kiosk Prototype


This project was an experiment to explore the possibilities for a large touchscreen eBay Now browsing, searching, and purchase experience might look like. The kiosk designed and used for project, with a slimmer case, slightly smaller 65-inch screen, and modular input panels for card swipers/RFID scanners/etc, was a completely revised design that is now the basis of future kiosk projects in the Human Interaction Group.


  • EPIC Design Lab - James Skorupski, Flynn Joffray, Johnny Hunter (design & engineering), Amy Chien (design)


  • Kiosk Interfaces: Javascript/HTML/CSS running in scripted Chrome interface
  • Backend: Node.js, eBay Local internal API
  • Entities involved: eBay Design, eBay Local
  • Hardware: 65 inch LED screen, IR touchframe, Kinect for passive analytics, HD webcam for experimental facial recognition tests


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