Some of my recent industry work has involved researching, designing, and implementing high-fidelity, full-stack prototypes for eBay, as part of their Human Interface Group (HIG), an expansion of the former Exploratory Prototyping Innovation Center (EPIC Design Lab). In addition to rapidly iterating on both short term tactical and long-term strategic prototypes, we also explore, catalog, document, iterate on, and formalize eBay's broad multi-screen visual design and UX standards across all platforms and properties, providing both design and engineering guidance in pursuit of a consistent design language across the company.

Selected Industry Projects

  • Toys R Us Digital Wall, eBay's first venture into the world of digital retail experiences. Here we designed and developed a massive 70 inch touchscreen kiosk placed in the Redwood City Toys R Us store for over a year of continuous experimentation into this new kind of platform.
  • Kate Spade Saturday Shoppable Windows, a project where we took four empty storefronts, and filled them all with amazing product displays and interactive storefront kiosks that let people all over the streets of New York City fluidly browse through a beautiful set of brand new products right on the storefront window, transfer it to their phone and receive a personalized same-day courier delivery.
  • Westfield Connected Glass, a three-vendor mall-based installation that represented the first steps by eBay to transform these connected retail experiences from an experimental blend of online and offline commerce technology into a truly scalable and streamlined customer-focused business model.
  • eBay Now Kiosk Prototype, a prototype exploration into the possibilities that emerge when you blend the power of fast local delivery and cutting-edge connected, digital retail experiences.
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