Kate Spade Saturday Shoppable Windows


We helped Kate Spade Saturday create their first physical store in the US: the entire island of Manhattan.

Four shoppable windows around NYC where anything would be delivered to you within an hour for free, 24/7. Windows were touch-capacitive (think big ipad), brought our entire commerce portfolio to life, and truly helped to redefine what it means to windowshop. Covered in over 90 international media outlets (TechCrunch, CNN, Fox Business, Mashable, engadget), and helped to shape Kate Spade Saturday real estate strategy.


  • EPIC Design Lab - James Skorupski, Flynn Joffray (design & engineering), Amy Chien (design), Matt MacLaurin (Project management)
  • Healey Cypher, Michael Franklin (PM, Business Dev)
  • Kate Spade Saturday Retail Team (client, storefront physical design)


  • Kiosk Interface: Custom scripted Chrome binary running a web app written in Javascript, HTML, CSS
  • Mobile interface: HTML/CSS/Javascript mobile web page
  • Backend: Node.js, Kinect for passive analytics, DMX lighting control
  • Entities involved: Kate Spade Saturday (client, storefront decoration and product), Inwindow Outdoor (kiosk hardware consultation), eBay Marketplaces (kiosk hardware and software), eBay Enterprise (product data), PayPal (courier payments)
  • Hardware: Kinect (passive analytics), Displax Transparent Multi-Touch foil

Press Video

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