Toys R Us Digital Wall


The Toys R Us Digital Wall, deployed in the Toys R Us/Babies R Us Redwood City store November 2012 through November 2013, was EPIC Design Lab's first venture into in-store connected kiosk technology. With custom designed 70 inch multi-touch screen, it provided a beautiful fluid interface for customers to explore curated guides for gift purchases, search through the in-store inventory, viewing product locations on an interactive map.


  • EPIC Design Lab - James Skorupski, Matt MacLaurin, Jesse Wolfe (design & engineering), Amy Chien (design)
  • Healey Cypher (business relations)


  • Kiosk Interface: Custom scripted Chrome binary running a web app written in Javascript, HTML, CSS, WebGL (Background), SVG (Maps)
  • Backend: Node.js, MongoDB data storage
  • Entities involved: Toys R Us, eBay Marketplaces (design and engineering), eBay Enterprise (product data), eBay Local (local inventory), Horizon Display (custom Kiosk hardware)
  • Hardware: 70 inch LCD screen, Kinect (passive analytics), IR Touchframes, Custom designed Kiosk case

In-store Search Walkthrough

Curated Gift Guide Walkthrough

Search Experience Walkthrough

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