eBay Marketplaces Visualization Kiosk


This internal project is the first steps in demonstrating the ways our large scale kiosk interfaces can enable employees and partners of eBay to explore the huge amount of quickly changing data that drives eBay and its massive marketplaces around the world. We used this work as an opportunity to explore experimental large touchscreen interface concepts, with the aim of providing responsive and powerful controls and insightful and inspiring views of the complex underlying datasets.


  • Human Interaction Group - James Skorupski, Keni Lam, Flynn Joffray (design & engineering)


  • Kiosk Interfaces: Angular/Javascript/HTML/CSS web app running in scripted Chrome process
  • Backend: Node.js, internal eBay real-time event streaming system, Websockets, MongoDB
  • Entities involved: eBay Design
  • Hardware: 65 inch LED screen, IR touchframe, Kinect for passive analytics, HD webcam for experimental facial recognition tests

Interface Demo Clips (simulated data)

Live Transaction Interface

Summary Metrics Walkthrough Sample Clip

Early Alpha Version

Photos and Screenshots

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