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This page is publicly editable support section for the Wide Ruled 1.0 (Old Version, No longer supported) story generation tool.

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Question: How do I make events loop in Wide Ruled?

Answer: In order to repeat the same task over and over in Wide Ruled, you can either make many plot fragments that do the same thing, and pursue their associated Author Goals in order, or have a plot fragment pursue it's own subgoal, resulting in recursion. To make this recursion happen, in the “steps” section of the plot fragment editor window, add a “Pursue Goal” step which selects the Author Goal of which the current plot fragment is a child.
If, while generating a story, Wide Ruled sees that this same fragment you are editing is able to be executed, and it randomly chooses this fragment for execution, then it will call itself again. This recursion allows the program to do complex repeated tasks. Be careful that you eventually end this looping by making the precondition false at some point!
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