Wide Ruled Release Files

This page contains files for an older version of the Wide Ruled Story Generator - for the latest version click HERE

Wide Ruled Previous Release Files

Here you can download all the previous release files for the Wide Ruled 1.0 (Old Version, No longer supported) project. Each zip archive contains both command line and Java .jar versions of the program. These older releases are for archive purposes, and may be used if a newer release breaks compatibility with older file formats.

Previous Releases

  • Release 1 (May 26, 2007): Download
  • Release 2 (May 27, 2007): Download
    • Fixed: Problem with story generation not properly maintaining object (character, environment, plot point) references when backing up story goal execution upon failure of a plot fragment subgoal
  • Release 3 (Updated) (May 29, 2007): Download
    • Fixed: Problem that causes a null pointer exception when backing up from a failed subgoal.
    • (Updated) Fixed: House MD Sample story had two bugs in it: one of the Build-up plot fragments edited the plot point AFTER pursuing a subgoal, and another set the value of the counter variable in the plot point to the old value, instead of the incremented new value. Generated stories should not ever be very large anymore - they are limited to 5 Build-up subgoal executions, as originally intended.
    • (Updated) Improved: Generated story window is now larger by default, and does not automatically resize itself back to the default size after every generation of a story.
  • Release 4 (May 30, 2007): Download
    • Fixed: Wide Ruled now properly saves changes in tables when exiting a window. You no longer need to select a different row in a table to save any modifications that you have made in that table.
  • Release 5 (May 31, 2007): Download
    • Fixed: Bug where, during user interaction mode, if multiple plot fragment precondition bindings were possible, only one binding (and one instance of that plot fragment) was visible and able to be chosen by the user.
    • Improved: Sample House MD story now has more informative reader prompts.
  • Release 6 (June 1, 2007): Download
    • Fixed: Bug that hid all the plot fragment variables when trying to select parameters to pass on to a subgoal.
    • Fixed: Some weird wording regarding the saving of relationship target names and relationship strengths in the Precondition list within the Plot Fragment editor window.
    • New: Wide Ruled now comes with a new Story sample: Churn. This story implements the “churn” goal and some related goals used in one of the original UNIVERSE story model papers, titled “Story Telling as Planning and Learning” by M. Lebowitz.
  • Release 8 (June 6, 2007): Download
    • Fixed: HUGE bug in release 7 resulting in broken top level story generation. Please do not use Release 7 any more. Release 8 includes all fixes from Release 7.
    • Fixed: User could not edit the first shared trait of either Characters or Environments.
    • Fixed: Missing character, environment, plot point, and plot fragment icons in some windows.
    • Fixed: Unable to create new objects (characters, environments or plot points) within a step of a plot fragment, on Mac OS X
    • Fixed: Hidden/truncated buttons and entry fields on Mac OS X
    • Improved: Plot points created within a plot fragment step can now have a user-specified name, to allow for more than one plot point of the same type in a story world
    • Improved: Creating a new calculation variable or new character, environment, or plot point now checks to see if there are already variables of that name in the current plot fragment.
    • Improved: Renamed “Plot Points” to “Plot Point Types” in main window, to clarify that, in the main window, you can only edit what TYPE of data is inside a Plot Point, not an actual instance of one. Actual editing of instances is relegated to plot fragment steps.
    • Improved: Wide Ruled now notifies the user of duplicate names of Character Aspirations/Fears, Character and Environment Traits and Relationships, and Plot Point attributes.
  • Most Recent Release: (March 15, 2008): Download
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