Wide Ruled Release Files

This page contains files for an older version of the Wide Ruled Story Generator - for the latest version click HERE

Here you can download all the release files for the Wide Ruled 1.0 (Old Version, No longer supported) project. Each zip archive contains both command line and Java .jar versions of the program.


  • Current Release: Release 8.1 (March 4, 2008): Download
    • Improved: File open dialog now opens initially in the directory above the current working directory in which Wide Ruled is executing. This makes it easier to get to story files. Previously, the initial directory was set to the user's home/my documents directory.
    • Improved: Interactive plot fragment selection window now has a horizontally scrollable list of options, for particularly long user prompts. In addition, this window is also now set to be non-resizable, since the controls do not properly resize anyway.
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